The 80/20 Guide to 2X Your French in 10 Minutes A Day

Insiders tips and tricks — shared for the first time ever with foreigners anywhere — on the 20% that will produce AT LEAST 80% of your improvements in speaking and understanding French.

By Géraldine Lepère – Comme une Française

After teaching French for 7+ years, I’m sharing the 1% of French that actually matters (that us native francophiles get instinctively… that foreigners take years to understand… if ever) and the 99% you can stop worrying about… things like accents, gender of nouns or verb conjugations. You’re welcome.

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Table of Contents

1) Understand the importance of speaking French

  • How to have a conversation in French, according to your level
  • “Why do they keep correcting me all the time?”
  • What to do when you don’t understand

2) How to improve your spoken French even if you have no one to speak to

  • How to practice even when you don’t have the time
  • Get feedback from a teacher
  • Have fun with a friend

3) French comprehension: How to improve it efficiently

  • The basic rule: have fun!
  • Don’t rely on slow French—it’s fake
  • Fun resources to improve your French comprehension

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff and learn French faster

  • Masculine/feminine & the things you’ll never master… and why that’s totally fine!
  • What to do if you’re self-conscious about your accent
  • How to never make mistakes ever again

5) French conjugation: Which tenses really matter

  • The evil of all evils: the subjunctive
  • Discover the secrets of spoken French without learning the full conjugation rainbow
  • What verbs and tenses to focus on, according to your level

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The 80/20 Guide to 2X Your French in 10 Minutes A Day

For only €14.99 €4.99


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