When will I receive my lessons?

We love that you’re eager to start! After registering, you will receive:

  • an email welcoming you to the course
  • an email with your course information if you’re a new student. This includes how and where to login, your password…..everything you need to begin!

After the initial email, you have immediate access to all of your lessons. Note that the welcome email may take up to an hour to arrive.

What if I can’t do a lesson immediately and must return to it? How long do I have access to the course?

Totally ok! We understand that life happens – you have things to do and a super busy schedule and are often times being pulled a million different ways. We get it! That’s exactly why all of our courses are designed the way they are! Once you purchase a course, you have access for a LIFETIME. You can access lessons when you wish, how you wish, where you wish. Lessons are completed at your pace and even better, you can return to them any time you want to!

Can my partner take the course too?

Absolutely! We offer complimentary access to any course you purchase to your spouse or significant other. Simply email us at help@commeunefrancaise.com with their email address, their name, and the email address you registered under and we’ll get them started.

Where do I go to login to my course?

To login to the course, click or copy and paste the following URL into your search bar:


Once you reach that page, highlight the URL and drag it down to your toolbar to make a bookmark! This way, you’ll only have to click one button to login instead of having to find the URL every time you want to access your course.

The videos load, but are all weird and laggy.

This sometimes happen when the internet connection in an area isn’t so good. In order to fix this, make sure that you have switched from HD to Standard Definition. If you click the little “HD” in the video, it will give you the option to switch!

How do I turn on subtitles?

  • Open the video you want to watch
  • Locate the gray “HD” in the bottom right corner of the video
  • To the left of “HD,” in a darker gray are the letters “CC” – it might be a bit hard to see!
  • Click on “CC”
  • From the menu that pops up, click the button next to French to turn on French subtitles.

I bought my course and paid through Paypal, but I haven’t received anything about my lessons yet.

Welcome! We’re glad you joined us 🙂 When you complete a purchase from our site through Paypal, it automatically registers you with the email address attached to your Paypal account – there isn’t a way for us to fix it. Believe us, we’ve tried. We CAN however, help you correct that and make sure your lessons are delivered to your preferred email. Simply check the email associated with your Paypal account – there is an option there to enter your preferred email address, OR email us at help@commeunefrancaise.com and we’ll have you ready to go in 24 hours or less.

I sent a question to help@commeunefrancaise.com, but I haven’t heard back yet. What’s going on?

We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours, and regularly monitor our email throughout our customer service business day (Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm EST). If you pose after business hours, it will be answered the next business day. If you ask a question at 4:45pm EST on Friday, we’re super sorry, but you’ll have to wait until Monday for an answer.


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