Lesson 4

French Sentence Composition Essentials:
Learn the building blocks of any French sentence, with proper pronunciation

Bonjour ! Hi !

Now that you know some sentences you can use to talk about yourself, you might want to talk to someone else. A great way to create a connection or to make friends is by giving compliments. And asking questions!  

For this, you’ll need vocabulary and grammar. Ahh! French grammar is scary! Yes! …But it’s easier to learn and use vocabulary once you’ve got the basic grammar in place. I want you to quickly get to the point where you can express yourself and create connections, and not just pass tests about how many French nouns you know!


So, let’s dive in.

Learning goals!

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Ask people questions to get to know them a little better
  2. Give someone a nice compliment (or tell someone a compliment about someone else)
  3. Put together a wide range of useful sentences, using some basic, easy French verbs and conjugation

Subject pronouns

Verbs and conjugation: talk about who you are, and what you have

To say anything in French, you’ll need to learn some verbs – and their conjugation.

I get it, this is scary! There are tons of tenses and special cases and stuff. But don’t worry! We’ll start small with the present tense for singular subjects. Many verbs actually follow some simple rules!  

Today we’re going to focus on four important French verbs.

Ask a question in French - It’s easy!

So now you can affirm who you are, what you have, what you want, and what you like. That’s basically half of having a conversation! The other half is asking questions, to get the other person’s point of view.   

Extra content

Here’s everything you need to remember what you learned in this lesson.


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