Ruth G

“Exercise Your French has given me more structure to my learning. I like all the lesson topics and appreciate the beginner, intermediate, advanced grading and also the ability to print the lessons. It’s suitable for all levels and is very accessible. Thanks to this program, I’m meeting new friends and practising my French!”

Neal O

“I was reluctant to join another French program after so many years of relatively useless attempts. But the content in Exercise Your French is such that I have not wasted a single minute of learning not only the language, but useful language, while at the same time gaining meaningful exposure to the French culture. I […]

Mark P

“Exercise Your French is a very deep resource I can turn to before each trip to France, so I always have what to say and what I might hear in response at my fingertips. There were a lot of cultural nuances I got from Exercise Your French. It gave me a better understanding of the […]

George C

“This program helps me to really focus in on “true” spoken French. I am still not terribly good at this, even after many years, but I feel the more I work at it, the better I get. I love videos, and having the option to use subtitles, and the topics are very a propos to anyone […]


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