Brian M

Meeting people from all over the world…  having conversations with them in French…getting over the fear of being tongue-tied on French… in a supportive, understanding, non-judgmental forum. Çést vraiment super! I wake up planning my day in French… and those random conversations I have with myself in my head – they’re now in French!


I’ve enjoyed the interesting themes, the excellent teachers and having the chance to speak to other Francophiles and gain more confidence! I like seeing the same people again and again in the club. You can have deeper conversations with people you get to know well. Just jump in! We are very friendly and we are waiting to meet you and help you […]

Lynne C.

I love the weekly themes and materials to prepare in advance, along with the applicable vocabulary shared by the teachers. And, of course, the practice with a partner and teacher correction that follows! I already listen to many French podcasts, but this practice has given me more confidence when speaking with my French tutor. Try it!  You’ll […]


I have made some friends in the club, and it is so great to see those same faces in the sessions, day after day. They offer wonderful encouragement! The profs are excellent — so knowledgeable, kind, patient and fun.  The most important aspect of the club for me is that I have overcome my intense fear of speaking French. I […]


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