I love languages, and I wanted to improve my french from high school with real, spoken french so I could travel abroad. I loved having the insight of a native french speaker and I was surprised by all the little subtleties about spoken french. Instead of learning lists of vocabulary, it’s more like nuances that […]


Going to France in June and wanted to get my French as polished as possible. Plus, I really, really love Geraldine’s videos! I took the course to understand French slang and to have better comprehension of “la logique”. I’ve studied French for many years and even lived a year in France, and I never noticed […]


Although I have passed B2 level at Alliance Française, I found I was lacking in everyday phrases i.e. street French. French conversational language isn’t found in French textbooks! Even grammar is different: sometimes it is constructed differently in conversational French. Thanks to Géraldine’s program, I try out some new phrases when speaking and with more […]


I took “French Vocabulary and Pronunciation” to speak with more confidence and less hesitation. The course will help you to sound natural, and not like a walking textbook. Even if you think that you are at an advanced level and the course is going to be too easy for you… it’s not, there are still […]


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