Mary F.

The topic — cheese and wine — is so much fun, and so important to French culture. I look forward to each lesson. They’re so easy to pull up when I have the time. It helps me review what I already have learned, increase my vocabulary, teach me new and interesting things about the French […]

Joan I.

I wasn’t sure I would have enough time for Insider French, but I’m so glad I enrolled. It’s a very fun way to improve oral comprehension — especially for a foodie like me! I have better comprehension of spoken French and learned so much from the content. Now I’m more confident when I go to […]

Erin M.

I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to commit to a French program, but Insider French is so practical and it never expires. It delivers real, practical information on topics I actually care about, and I can use it both in the U.S. and on vacation.

Robert J.

I’m trying to understand spoken French at a normal speed, so this was exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t sure it was the right level for me at first, but it is so rewarding for someone who is prepared to improve their oral comprehension skills slowly and methodically. French food and wine are my passions, […]


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