Maura M

It’s easy and enjoyable to learn in this way. I’ve enjoyed learning a bit more conversational phrases, and I liked that each lesson offers multiple parts to practice: vocabulary, videos, etc. I know I will feel a little more confident when I visit France again.

Ellen G

It’s been many years since I learned French, and this course helped me believe I can re-learn it. In fact, it helped me know how to speak French the way it’s actually spoken, not just from a 35-year-old textbook. It was set up in a way that made learning easy and fun, and I loved […]


It is possible to learn French at a mature age! I’m 62, and this introduction has made me want to learn more and hope that I may be able to communicate in French one day. I can learn on my own time, and the ability to repeat the lessons at my discretion allows me to […]

Mary R

I have tried other online courses, but the organization and content of your courses are the best. Your lessons are very helpful with the nuances in everyday French, and I particularly like the length of each lesson as I learn better in shorter lessons. Now, I feel more comfortable each time I try to speak, […]


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