Rannie A.

Sometimes life is a bit hectic and French grammar requires focus and attention; but I’m so glad I took this program. It was so helpful, and so worth it! It’s a great way to learn and understand grammar a little better, and I love the structure and explanations on how to use the different tenses. […]

Cynthia B

I jumped at the chance to enroll in Test Your Conjugation! It is fun, and my 50-year-old high school French is really improving. I wake up and do a French lesson instead of browsing Instagram! It helped me sharpen grammar skills that I had forgotten. Big merci!!! This program is wonderful!

Nina W

This program is just what I needed. I am now less fearful of making mistakes while speaking, and I would recommend Test Your Conjugation to those who need a refresher course. Your exercises are as important as going to the gym!


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