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Get better at speaking + understanding real, everyday French with regular practice and support

Are you ready to become more confident with your French conversation skills?

If you’ve been learning French for a while now — or anything, for that matter — you know that practice makes perfect. And that’s why I created The French Conversation Club!

No more holding back because of your lack of confidence with your French conversation skills. It’s time to use the French you’ve put so much time and effort into learning.

The French Conversation Club is truly the most impactful thing I’ve ever done in terms of the mid- and long-term benefits for my students, because it gives you the opportunity to actually practice the French you’ve been learning from me. 

With The French Conversation Club, you get to…

✔ Practice up to 21 times a week

✔ Connect with a community of fellow Francophiles from all around the world

✔ Learn from highly qualified French teachers

✔ Stay connected with French culture and French life

All so you can get better at speaking and understanding real, everyday French and build stronger learning habits.


Each practice session is held by a qualified, Francophone teacher, handpicked and trained by me, Géraldine. You will love them!

Their qualifications go WAY beyond what I dreamed for The French Conversation Club, and they bring so many fresh ideas and skills that I could never bring to my students on my own. 

Watch the video to hear them introduce themselves to you, and read about why I think they make amazing French teachers.

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Manon is an excellent teacher with a real skill for providing structure. She’s good at helping students with the grammar and conjugation knowledge they’re missing. What I love most about her teaching style, though, is that she provides a very calm and peaceful learning environment, giving students a boost of confidence. When she has a goal to teach you something, she’ll go above and beyond to provide lots of resources and quizzes to help you understand it on a deep level.


Pauline is a very bubbly teacher, and I love her big expressions! She loves to give students little tips to help them understand the grammar points they’ve been struggling with for a while. Most of all, though, she’s all about French culture, bringing an extra cultural layer to what she teachers. She’ll happily tell you about French TV series and books, and makes learning even more interesting for Francophiles.


Fabien’s speciality is making you feel more confident in your French conversation skills. He is a patient and kind teacher, and can easily adapt to different learning styles. His passion is helping beginners, and he really loves helping people build the confidence they need to actually speak French. When they’re new to French, many students don’t think they know enough French to express themselves – but he will show you that you can! Originally from Toulouse, he has also lived in Scotland, Australia, and is now based in the US – so he brings an international experience that greatly benefits our global student base.


Marion is our newest teacher in The French Conversation Club and fits the spirit of the Club perfectly. She is originally from Bordeaux, France and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Marion has been teaching French for decades and has a lot of experience teaching a wide range of students – making her a great fit for our diverse, global group! She is a very enthusiastic teacher, offering tons of motivation for our beginner students while also introducing interesting cultural elements for our more advanced learners. Fun fact: she was actually recommended to me by one of our longtime students!

weekly schedule

The French Conversation Club has 21 weekly sessions, and you can attend as often as you’d like! 

Think of it like a gym membership for your mind + French conversation skills. You can “visit the gym” once a week… seven times a week… somewhere in between… whatever feels good to you! 

Here’s our current schedule:

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Each week, we’ll focus on a different theme to help you speak French more fluently.

Each Saturday, before the week starts, you’ll be sent a document containing… 

  • A list of resources from around the web that you can discover
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Extra quizzes and activities (for extra practice, if you wish)
  • Conversation practice questions to use with your partner
  • Your teacher’s notes from the lesson

All of the resources will have been created by Comme une Française — so it will be the exact style you know and love from my paid programs + weekly lessons 🙂

(The above button will redirect you to a Google Doc containing lesson information. If you wish to join The French Conversation Club, you’ll have to return to this page, using the ‘Back’ button on your browser.)

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how we support you, as a new member:


  • New members to the club will be invited to private orientation sessions. These are real sessions, just like you’ll experience throughout your membership, but oriented for new members with more guided instructions.
  • You’ll have the chance to do a level evaluation in your orientation session, so you can feel 100% confident that you’re in the right place.
  • We’ll check in with you every couple of weeks during your first few months to help you set clear expectations for yourself and your progress and set clear, achievable goals – all so you can make real, obvious progress in your ability to speak and understand everyday French.
  • You’ll also be given a worksheet (as seen on the right) that you can use at the end of every French Conversation Club session, helping you make note of the things you’ve learned, better gauge your progress, and set realistic goals ahead of your next session.

The Price

The cost of The French Conversation Club is €49 per month (plus VAT, if applicable to your country). 

This gives you access to fifteen 1-hour live practice sessions every week. Each week we’ll focus on a different theme to help you speak French more fluently. 


Click the arrow next to each question to reveal the answer.

The truth is, if you think your French is rusty then The French Conversation Club is perfect for you! The main goal of the Club is to help you become more confident in using your French, so you can “clean off” that “rusty” French and make it shiny and new again 😉 ! 

Please don’t worry about slowing others down. As a newcomer to the Club, you’ll have the chance to meet other “newbies” — and trust me, 90% of them also feel like their French is rusty. You’re in great company.

The teachers also know which students are new, and they’ll reach out to you if it seems like you need extra support.

My best suggestion? If you’re really passionate about not just learning French but actually using it — give The French Conversation Club a try. I’m sure you’ll love it. And if you decide it’s not for you after all, you can stop your subscription anytime in one click.

The level recommended is A2-B1-B2 (according to the CEFR level reference). 

Don’t know your “official level”? If you feel like the words get stuck in your brain when you try to speak and/or you don’t feel confident enough to speak French because of your mistakes and/or you think your French is rusty, then this is for you.

If you’re more of a complete beginner and would like a program suited to your needs, click here for information on my French for Beginners program.

The teachers and I have made a deliberate effort to ensure there is at least one weekly session that works for all time zones. 

The best way to check is to click here to see the full Conversation Club schedule. You can use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the calendar to change it to your time zone.

Online! Each practice session will be held using the video conference software Zoom. 

Downloading and using Zoom is free for you. I pay a licence for Comme une Française. You can use Zoom on your computer, tablet or phone. The teachers will help you use Zoom during the meeting.

Each French Conversation Club session lasts one hour. 

In each session, you’ll be welcomed by the teacher who will re-introduce the topic of the week. Then they’ll put you in groups of two to three to practice your French with a fellow student for 15-20 minutes.

Your teacher will come to listen to parts of your conversation during the practice. 

There will be a 10 minute break at half past the hour to fix mistakes, ask questions, and get new vocabulary. 

Then you’ll start again with another 2-3 students, for another 15-20 minutes. The teacher will then do a recap of the lesson at the end.

The number of students in each session will change, as you have the option to come to as many or as few sessions as you’d like! 

However, your small practice group will only ever have 2-3 participants. This gives everyone plenty of time to practice speaking.

The computer / Zoom will pair you with your conversation partner(s) automatically — which, yes, may mean you get paired with someone who is less or more advanced than you.

This is great news for your progression. Practicing with people at a lower level will help you cement your skills, and practicing with people at a higher level will inspire and push you! 

There will never be more than 3 people per small practice group.

No! You can attend as many (or as little) sessions as you’d like.

You can think of The French Conversation Club like a gym membership for your mind + French conversation skills. You can “visit the gym” once a week… eight times a week… somewhere in between… whatever feels good to you!

No problem! Just come next week :). There will be no replay available, as this is a conversation practice program, but you will have access to the teachers’ notes.

The cost is €49 per month (plus VAT, if applicable to your country). 

This gives you access to eight 1-hour live practice sessions every week. Each week we’ll focus on a different theme to help you speak French more fluently.

You can stop your subscription anytime in one click. All you have to do is click the cancellation link that will be in your weekly email, sent every Saturday. Your subscription will be cancelled, and you won’t be charged again.

You’ll still have access to the French Conversation Club for the rest of the 30-day period, which started on the day you registered (and every 30 days after that).

Oh oui ! Comme une Française welcomes smart women and men. The content isn’t gender-specific . And already, 30% of the students are men. You’ll find their testimonials below. Come on in!

No problem! Just send us an email at help@communefrancaise.com and we’ll be happy to answer that for you. We answer emails Monday-Friday.


Brian M
Brian M

United States

Meeting people from all over the world…  having conversations with them in Frenchgetting over the fear of being tongue-tied on French… in a supportiveunderstandingnon-judgmental forum. Çést vraiment super!
I wake up planning my day in French… and those random conversations I have with myself in my head – they’re now in French!

United Kingdom

I’ve enjoyed the interesting themesthe excellent teachers and having the chance to speak to other Francophiles and gain more confidence! I like seeing the same people again and again in the club. You can have deeper conversations with people you get to know well.
Just jump in! We are very friendly and we are waiting to meet you and help you on your journey. You will learn so many new things each week.
Lynne C.
Lynne C.

United States

I love the weekly themes and materials to prepare in advance, along with the applicable vocabulary shared by the teachers. And, of course, the practice with a partner and teacher correction that follows!
I already listen to many French podcasts, but this practice has given me more confidence when speaking with my French tutor. Try it!  You’ll love it.

United States

I have made some friends in the club, and it is so great to see those same faces in the sessions, day after day. They offer wonderful encouragement! The profs are excellent — so knowledgeable, kind, patient and fun. 
The most important aspect of the club for me is that I have overcome my intense fear of speaking French. I am now speaking freely and am no longer afraid of making mistakes.  Wow! That’s huge for me!!
Now, I write my grocery list in French, I talk to my dogs in French, I watched all 5 seasons of Un Village Français, and I now have regular contact with one of my convo club colleagues via FaceTime.


I only want you to stay in The French Conversation Club for as long as it’s a great fit for you! That’s why I’ve made cancelling your subscription very easy. 

If you decide to leave The French Conversation Club, all you have to do is click the cancellation link that will be in your weekly email, sent every Saturday. 

Your subscription will be cancelled, and you won’t be charged again.

You’ll still have access to the French Conversation Club for the rest of the 30-day period, which started on the day you registered (and every 30 days after that).


If you’re ready to join The French Conversation Club, here are your next steps.

Step One: Click the button below that says “Join The French Conversation Club”

Step Two: You’ll automatically be redirected to a checkout page, where you will input your payment information and contact information (so we can email you your program access.)

Step Three: Your card will be charged €49 (plus VAT, if it applies to your country) for your first month, and it will be charged again every 30 days after that for as long as you are a member of The French Conversation Club. 

Step Four: Within 30 minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that you’ve successfully enrolled + some extra information on how to make the most of your membership.

Step Five: On Saturday, you will receive an email with the theme and activities of next week. You will also receive an email 1 hour before each session with the link to join.